First blog post

A hi from the never never land …..


Hi ,

I have no idea what I’m planning to pen down. Sometimes I think I should pen down what happens in my life …  be assured , when i say its more happening than a daily serial . Sometimes i just want to reflect back on my choices …. sometimes , it’s just my fantasies and dreams …

I’ve tried blogging a few times and i hope i stick on to this one …

It took me 5 days to get a 10 min to disconnect myself from my world to just dip myself in this “story” land …

To begin with, I’m Neethu … I am also known by the name kalyani (to my relatives and family and most of my native population) and also known as kallu-chi , short form for kalyani chechi , to my siblings and nephew.

So I’m a typical damsel in distress – in the shinning armor – searching for my better half (if there is someone out there) who seems to have lost his path and might have dosed off …. and since the distress is an extra baggage, I’m giving them off as freebies …


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