Hello … ??

Her room overlooked the garden. The nature somehow decided to show her the beauty nature was proud of. Different shades of green mixed with beautiful splashes of colors in the sky . Seems God was in a good mood painting his most exquisite scenery. A knock brought her back to her surroundings. The doctor entered the room. He dutifully recited her rights and the legal proceedings and her mind wandered off …

It took her all the acting skills in her life to call her mom and dad, and tell her how wonderful the holiday trip had been. Yes, it had been a wonderful period. 10 days of total madness. Her mom, the super mom, did have her doubts on the call. How can she not know, after all she knew everything. Her dad spoke to her in his disgruntled manner. Highlighting the safety aspects and reminding her how much he disapproved this journey. She took her time to coax him to understand that she needed this break, now since everyone was settled and safe. “Hmm…if u think it’s really important, then I’m glad u are enjoying, but it’s not right. Solo trips don’t happen. That’s not what a middle-class family does.”  Her sisters were easy to talk to, she even babbled to her nephew.

The silence in the room broke into her line of thought. She looked at the doctor. He was looking at her with those chocolate-brown puppy eyes. Somewhere, somehow, willing her to step back. He should have understood that the answer was no-not this time. He cleared his throat and passed her a tray. The tray contained a tablet, one vial and a glass of water .

Hmm… only a glass of water ?? the question was out before she could stop herself. The doctor looked at her strangely. She smiled sheepishly and requested a bottle of water . “Would you want anything else?” asked the nurse. “Just the water please, it would be perfect if the water was in room temperature”. The nurse nodded politely and literally pushed the doctor from the room, or so she liked to think. Soon enough, she had a bottle of water and the nurse retreated with a smile.

She took  the tablet. She was now supposed to wait for half an hour before consuming the contents of the vial. She logged into Facebook and swapped through the pictures of Mr.Z … The alarm on her mobile, informed her that 30 min were done. She took the vial in one hand and dialed Mr.Z’s number .

Ring !!                Ring !!            Ring !!

Mr.Z      :               “Hello ..?” said a familiar voice.

She        :               “Hey, how are you? Are u free for a chat ?” faking happiness and sunshine.

Mr.Z      :               “I’m busy right now. Can I call you when I’m free ?”

She        :               “Sure”

The line goes dead.. .. ..

With a smile on her lips she opens the vial and drinks up the contents. She left the windows open and switched off all the lights in her room. She allows herself the luxury of snoozing off looking at the beautiful creation of God ! A welcome home gift , a beautiful sunset.

*  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The attendants found her mobile ringing, the phone said “Cupcake calling”… As per protocol, they switched off the mobile. Keeping it on the pile to be shipped back to her parents.

The special request column read –

1) Please discard my ashes in the river, the one my balcony overlooks.

2) My belongings and my luggage to be shipped off to the below mentioned address

3) Thank you .. God bless !!



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