From a true Modi Bhakt…

Research material 01


Modiji, this is your true Bhakt… with SMOG in the brain and lies on my lips and many taunts to go before I rest.

Dear Modiji,

I am your true bhakt. I wake up each morning and wish people as “Jai ModiJi”, right through the day I call you names and then before I sleep I review in my head about the number of things I blamed on you, and if the count is lower, I rectify it the next day. Modiji, Why don’t we have “acche din” ? Modiji, Why aren’t you doing anything about the dysfunctional toilet flush in my house? Modiji, why are you not stopping that policeman from taking bribes ? Modiji, why don’t you start eating beef and add to the global warming ? Why has your minister for energy and power, Mr. Piyush Goel made my country power surplus? Why aren’t there power outages…

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