PM Modi is a ‘Cancer surgeon’

Research material 02

Doctor's Diary

All doctors are not same and not all branches of medicine. With some immodesty, I have to say that ‘Surgeons’ are different, a class apart.

Surgeons are ” decisive” – they are not on the fence and debate ‘ to operate or not to operate’ . A surgeon has to ACT.  Decision is critical and the timing is important

Now PM Modi also was decisive, no endless debates on the  pros and cons and ACT he did.

The second character of surgery is “Precision”. You cannot fish around the abdomen. A surgeon has to be precise in his execution

So was the operation to neutralise the terror posts. Precise attacks

Thats why  its called “Surgical Strike”

Can you ever imagine something like ‘Anaesthesia strike’ ?

NO ,NO its “Surgical Strike” – that certainly sounds better and is clear!

Finally surgeon takes “responsibility” of the action. It may be anyone in…

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