The Modi Saga – Part 1

I will never understand why Mr. Modi keeps getting all these negative comments … Its been almost 3 years as a PM and i don’t understand why the “cash team” hates this guy …. or maybe I do.. 
But Mr. PM, you need to know one thing … Demonetization was the best googly you delivered … It has been very exhilarating to see various black money holders baffled. And I’ll always love you for that …
The rest, I think, I need to sit down and go through some papers and facts and maybe even figures to understand the amount of hatred you garnered in 3 years time ….
By the way, I was a person who never ventured to the political side of India, because I didn’t care who was looting who … but since you have become PM, i have started trying to understand some politics and especially trying to understand why you have so many haters….. Its literally like a Tom n’ Jerry series … I never knew politics could be so funny
So that’s my project to self. Why do people resist Modi…

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