RIP coffee date . . .

God ! you have a pretty bang-up way on how to make life interesting and depressing. You better stuff in all the cotton available into your ears when you get me a one-way non-refundable ticket to meet you

Two weeks back – a lazy evening – flipping thru tinder profiles , I see a cute fellow. Cute because there is no tattoo/piercings/multi-colored eyes or hair/stupid profile summaries . So i swiped right . And guess what ?? he did the same too… a few msgs to each other and a week later we exchange numbers. So he is a cardiac anesthesiologist, by profession (I usually try to stay away from doctors) but as mentioned he had a cute smile. But this one was quite easy to talk to.

The first time I heard his voice , i was like “wow!” … i love men with heavy or rough voice. And soon enough chats turned to calls. Since we both lived in extreme parts of the same country with insane work timings, meeting up was difficult. Finally, when we just sorted our days and duties to get out 2-3 hrs ……………….then, just like that , he had to leave….. I don’t know about romantic version happening but i really wanted to meet this guy who made me laugh at 1 in the night, very badly

Now I’m all sulky and sad coz neither of us knows what wud happen next. No idea when I would meet this guy not even sure if i would meet him. But i’m sure i’m going to miss him. It’s not every other day you meet people who can relate and understand your stupid ways and decisions…

And yes !  I guess this cud be a form of lust…. not love, just lust




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