The Blue eyed nemesis

Her life screeched to a sudden halt seeing those blue-green eyes, the same way it had halted years back. And it has the same effect yet again. The owner of those devil-ish eyes was seeking the reason for her reaction. She somehow managed to step into the elevator. Choosing the farthest corner available. She had changed her life, basically uprooted herself from one continent to another, with the thought of a start over. And here, she was facing her demon on the first week of transition. The interview was at 10.30am and she had arrived earlier to get a little perspective and to absorb in some calmness or inner peace or whatever required to subside the jittery feelings, before the interview madness. Being a travel consultant was a fun job. Being a corporate travel agent even better. She just had to be in the top of her game and make sure her voice never takes a holiday. And then, the damn lift opened and there in front of her was her high-school nemesis, Praphul.

The elevator kept refilling and emptying and the blasted tower was 65 floors. Every time the lift opened she expected to see him exit, but he stayed put. Finally the lift blinked 20 and it was her turn to exit. She was relieved that he was deep in conversation with some colleagues that he didn’t notice her. Thankfully, that also meant he didn’t understand / remember her.

The new office was A-W-E-S-O-M-E . The receptionist had given her a form to fill and directed her to the waiting room. She got herself a steaming cup of coffee and started going through the form. She had all the time in the world. Soon the room started filling up with potential candidates. And soon the inner peace started changing to inner typhoon. Her previous stunts and references in this travel world could give her an edge, but when it came to the appearance she was this over-weight, 5ft 2 inch candidate. The interview commenced and the typhoon started picking up speed within her. Finally, she heard her name called out. The receptionist directed her to the concerned room. She entered the room to find the secretary motioning her to take a seat. The manager was scribbling furiously over the cv of the previous candidate. A chill shot down her spine as she realized who the manager was. Again for the second time in 2hrs she was staring at those blue-green eyes. And she knew it was better she underperform in this interview. This time there was a hint of amusement and realization in those eyes. And she wasn’t sure what to do next…



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