High Xpectations

Nothing ever mattered to anyone …. If it did they would have made it a point to mention it at-least once… atleast once, without just throwing the words in casually , as casually as you use the tissue ..

Don’t tell me you didn’t know what I wanted …. U did , and u didn’t want to get involved … I respected that fucking decision of yours … but guess what !! that’s all for me to do , understand someone, stand up for another someone , etc …. But I was never supposed to even expect it from any damn living soul … I still remember your words somewhere around it meant something like – I wasn’t supposed to expect anything from anyone, coz when the other person doesn’t come up the expectation , you feel bad –

I’m tired, tired thinking of people who love to say don’t expect anything… I would rather try to spend sometime with people who wud love to say “count me in whenever ur happy and count me TWICE whenever you need me” …

Its been a while I have been trying to train my mind to stop thinking of you at every stupid thing which cud trigger ur memory… from thinking of you for over a 100 times a day, I have finally reached the mile stone of 50… and I have HIGH EXPECTATIONS from myself on this … to live as you never existed as mine, to live like u were one of those 400 humans I got to know during my tenure on this planet… just one among the crowd …

PS :: count me dead whenever ur happy and count me DEAD whenever you need me


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