Humans for rent ..

I’m insanely looking for some humans for rent, under the below mentioned criteria.

  • Sex : Male/Female sans drama
  • Age : 29 – 35 yrs
  • Occupation : anything they love
  • Required qualities : should be able to talk, be free and act like a lunatic if required. Patience and warmth.
  • Job requirements : your required to be your self. And be an active member of the conversation. Emotionally available humans will be given priority. Those looking for steamy sex and sexting and sex calls do not apply for this position , these are things which require long term investment. Current investment is getting to know a warm human who can be cuddled hugged and spoken to without the need for toning down my thoughts. Married men / women please do not apply for this position.

Inbox me if interested. Thank you


4 thoughts on “Humans for rent ..

  1. both ways, more inclined to the “desperate for a company” side … i just need someone at my convenience … i’m just done being there for others …sometimes, it feels good to have someone who would look out for you … That “wow” feeling … And if it doesn’t come naturally , well i’l even pay for it …

    Sorry for the late reply, i was so possessed that i forgot i need to check notifications …

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