Abhi na jaao chod kar… ke dil abhi bhara nahin

The amount of time i spend thinking of these lines … is unlimited.

I was of the belief that memories would always be in my head and I didn’t take much pics post 8th standard. “If you liked me, i should be in your mind, crisp and clear…” little did i know years later I’d just curse myself for being an idiot. I wanted to run straight into the wall when my first “then” computer crashed, taking away those few stolen moments, where i did take pictures…

It’s not that i have forgotten you, but the picture has started blurring… I have started to lose sight of those dimpled smile, far-away looks and your messy hair. I have started to forget how your hands held mine and how you smelled … I have started loosing myself but i don’t know if this wake up call is enough to salvage the fading ones. Your laughter, your hugs , our seriously insane talks , our mango moments , our eating-ur-mom’s-specialty moments, you’re accusing looks, your chilli pickles, your wake-up knocks with maggi cups, your bunny moments, your fake screams, your downhill moments, the coffee moments ……. damn, your perfectly imperfect bad hair days, your insane ideas to brighten up days…….i should have told you that i love you more often …. i hope it’s not too late either … i love you. Your flawsome awesome self. I love the way you used to make my days shine brighter …. I do miss you, a lot infact…. Me not being around might change things for you a bit, but I promise you that I’d be just a wink away if you need me…

So let me just get down on my knee and sing these for you …


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