One on deck .. .. ..

Its been two days since Raghav’s accident. Two days since she slept. Two days since she was forced to face her in-laws. Raghav had walked out on his parents for her and today its been 48 hrs since they have been throwing daggers at her from all the way across the room.

His condition had been critical, and the doctors shared no other information. Their hurried walks, hushed talks and grave expression didn’t seem like there was much to share either.

“Raghav’s family ??” enquired the nurse, before his parents could react she popped in-front of the nurse. “We are Raghav’s family” Shreya replied indicating the whole clan assembled”…and i’m his wife.”

“The doctor would like to talk to you in his cabin” and she hurried away. Puzzled, Shreya looked at her in-laws and they reverted the same expression sans daggers.

M-I-L : Doctor, what happened to my son ?? How is he now ??
Doctor : Your Raghav’s mother ? and they should be Raghav’s father and wife. Am I right ?
M-I-L : Yes, you wanted to meet us doctor. How is my son ?
Dr: your son is currently out of danger, but he will be under observation before we shift him. We did have some complications during the surgery. We are not sure about the side effects. He might need some therapy to get back to normal routine. I wanted you to know this as we are not sure, what we would face. He will need all the help you can provide.
The nature seems to be reflecting her personal turmoil. The winds screamed and the clouds cried, but nothing matched the turmoil inside her.

Those blue-green eyes didn’t recognise her… the words “Mom, who is this?” have never felt sharper, the reply felt like a slap “I don’t know, son. Maybe she lost her way.”

The phone chimed at the arrival of the message ” Your personalized gift is ready for collection at our stores. Please collect your package within 7 working days”



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