Hinduism in the pop culture

O Shaggy Re

Being a Hindu, I was not taught to hate Islam; I didn’t grow up despising Muslims. If anything my parents taught me, it was tolerance. I was repeatedly inducted with the idea of universal acceptance and brotherhood, till it was running in my veins and became the basic idea, I had, of Hinduism.

I remember being told, the reason for the survival of Hinduism, lies in its concept of tolerance towards differing ideas. The reason why it stood against the mighty invaders and despotic Muslim rulers lies in the efficacy of its ideas that became the very foundation of Hinduism. It didn’t lay down any riot act as to what an ideal Hindu should do. Vedas and Puranas didn’t define our eating habits, didn’t determine our time of prayers, one thing that Hinduism gave its followers was Wisdom, Wisdom to choose.  And it was the result of this tolerance…

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