Keto Day1 (K D1) – daily report

7.15 am – got up                                     (have a bad headache)
7.45 am – half a glass of water            (headache seems to have dulled down)
8.15 am – 1 cup BPC                               (numb head …. thinking what to do for lunch )

Office (9 am – 1 pm)
09.10 am – 1 cup water (sipping thru …. )                      target : 1.5 L before lunch
10.29 am – Currently regretting all those sweet cravings I have been giving in. Got a bad headache and my teeth feels loose. I don’t feel hungry, but my mind keeps thinking dosa, ghee roast , masala dosa, etc . having my second cup of water. eagerly waiting to reach home. Thinking of having boiled chicken. Today seems to be “idiot passenger day”…having all kind of master brains dish out their knowledge – headache and idiots – bad combination

12pm (late update nevertheless drama can’t be published live):: finally my body gives in and after a nice vomiting session, my dad takes me to hospital. IV with 2 injections. And a nice 1 hr nap. Back to office and yes , that’s how K D1 ends.

Currently typing out all these from office, on my 3rd glass of water. Had two nutella sandwich and today is going to be a long night.

Conclusions : I guess, I had to keep munching on something every 1 hr to just keep off the headache. Need to keep some salted nuts for the same.
New things I have learnt ::

  • I might be having gastritis             (just worried if I will have to do endoscopy… )
  • I have a nose block of some sort  (so glad all that snoring had a reason)
  • I finally weigh 99 kg            ( …. shocked and staring at the weighing machine in the hospital willing it to lower down .. and it didn’t .. need to work on my magic skills even more)
  • the doctor was cute    (note to self :: not all the doctors in umm al quwain, are nut heads)
  • I need to re-arrange my schedule and focus on something personal and mend my ways  – says the cute doctor

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