I’ve learnt .. .. ..

I’ve learnt

to smile without my heart
to give hugs without meaning them
to cheer for the wolves
to tear down my interpretations of people around me
not to faint seeing the real faces of the some
to get up repeatedly after being stabbed by “own”

I’ve lost only nothing in this process….
You can’t miss things / people who was never there … can you ?

But I have gained a pinch of the ability to know who is worth keeping
I have finally started realising, who to be with and who to act with
But I’m still learning , wolf’s are too difficult to identify .

Don’t complain if I have turned cold
Just be happy that I prefered to go cold ….. not warm and mushy to stab you in the back

I have a back bone. My parents have given me a good one. I’d love to talk things through looking at your face.

Today , I thank my mom, for all the time she refused to kneel to the pressure and tell lies
For standing by her words and keeping us tied to our decisions
For teaching me a simple lesson
It’s easy to imbibe the positive outcomes of your decisions, but are you strong enough to own up the negative outcomes ??

This is something which worked well for me. It helps me recentre my world when it goes hopping off its axis. (which happens very often)

Nothing in life is black and white , its different shades of grey . But you get to decide the shades.

Justice for Asifa

Dear Asifa ,

It’s hard to believe that you had to face all the ordeal at such a young age … I am so sorry , you had to go this way. How I wish you were born and brought up during the political reign of Congress or someone else.. Because that seems to be the golden age for women.

I am so sorry, that BJP has led this , if only we could suspend or freeze up girls during a non-Congress reign …

And the PM, he has not even uttered a word. the least he cud have done was talk a few words.

Don’t worry my child, there are so many people going political regarding your case. I am so sure that this incident will be a game changer. I am so sure that BJP and Hindu’s are the real cause of your death . Otherwise which temple was empty all those days while you were killed inch by inch. Or maybe the “Devi” was on sick leave.

I am so sure that this is by “sane minded, humanity brimming people” . Just that their and our definition just doesn’t seem to match

To my fellow folks, please find a small googled version of which all partied ruled during what all times. And the anti-BJP people “the awesome ones”, please let us “the non-political and the not so awesome” people understand how to freeze our-self.

Jawaharlal Nehru August 15, 1947 – May 27, 1964                           Indian National Congress
Lal Bahadur Shastri June 9, 1964 – January 11, 1966                       Indian National Congress
Indira Gandhi January 24, 1966 – March 24, 1977                            Indian National Congress
Morarji Desai March 24, 1977 – July 28, 1979                                     Janata Dal
Charan Singh July 28, 1979 – January 14, 1980                                   Janata Party
Indira Gandhi January 14, 1980 – October 31, 1984                          Indian National Congress
Rajiv Gandhi October 31, 1984 – December 1, 1989                          Indian National Congress
Vishwanath Pratap (VP) Singh Dec. 2, 1989 – November 10, 1990                      Jan Morcha
Chandra Shekhar November 10, 1990 – June 21, 1991 Samajwadi                    Janata Party
P.V. Narasimha Rao June 21, 1991 – May 16, 1996                             Indian National Congress
Atal Behari Vajpayee May 16, 1996 – 1 June 1996                             Bharatiya Janata Party
H. D. Deve Gowda 1 June 1996 – 12 April 1997                                  Janata Dal (Secular)
Inder Kumar Gujral 21 April 1997 – 19 Mar 1998                             Janata Dal
Atal Behari Vajpayee 19 March 1998 – April 2004                            Bharatiya Janata Party
Manmohan Singh May 2004-2014                                                       Indian National Congress
Narendra Modi May 2014 to Current                                                 Bharatiya Janata Party

Nut heads who go around with the flag and start shouting Jai shri Ram is the new face of Hinduism …. now I’m totally confused on what to do ..

What shall I now choose to be … ?? Something peaceful, flowery and breezy maybe

Incase your skull is too thick to understand my underlying feeling … this is how I do my
“pun intended sessions”


Running around like a crazy horse …

Today I’ll be powered by 2 packs of Maggi, 5 chicken sausage (chopped and fried) , 3 eggs (scrambled) and 3 cups of coffee and 2 litres of water …

Some days are just hideous… Today is one of them ..

5 more days till the finish line and then I’m going out for some me time … a movie and a meal out in the city ((mostly solo … I’m more into solo stuffs because (a) my friends will be busy (b) last-minute jugaads usually make me sad ))

The Invisibility cloak

In a world where we love to wear multi colored cloaks , the most sought out cloak  is the invisibility cloak ..

Yes , that one , the one in Harry potter . Not the incognito window in google chrome .

Why do we forget that we already have one ?

Is it because it is now an inherent part of you for such a long time that you fancy a new one ? Or are you planning to upgrade yourself ???

In this craze for anonymity, haven’t we all lost more than we bargained for ?? I don’t know about you. But for me, I think its time I strip

I know it will bleed, I know it will stink, but if I have to wear those beautiful dresses in my trunk, this cloak must go … bit by bit , thread by thread , drenched in blood , pus or regret … but it should go …

my little sunshine – 001

01 March  :: Goal

My goal for the month of March is to stick on to keto as much as I can. I’ve been going off track for various reasons … but I hope to be better than my yesterdays’ .. So the goals are as below

  1. Get below 90 kg … even 89.9 kg is ok … I need to touch the 80’s
  2. stick to keto . Make eggs and avocado my besties
  3. Make sure the family is well-fed (maid’s on vacation)
  4. Don’t forget yourself in the process….
  5. Complete the pending work within the next 7 days …