Humans for rent ..

I’m insanely looking for some humans for rent, under the below mentioned criteria.

  • Sex : Male/Female sans drama
  • Age : 29 – 35 yrs
  • Occupation : anything they love
  • Required qualities : should be able to talk, be free and act like a lunatic if required. Patience and warmth.
  • Job requirements : your required to be your self. And be an active member of the conversation. Emotionally available humans will be given priority. Those looking for steamy sex and sexting and sex calls do not apply for this position , these are things which require long term investment. Current investment is getting to know a warm human who can be cuddled hugged and spoken to without the need for toning down my thoughts. Married men / women please do not apply for this position.

Inbox me if interested. Thank you

Relationships …

Relationships are becoming increasingly difficult to sustain. Part of me want to snap off a few cords with the sharpest scissors available and some with the most blunt scissors available .. It takes a lot to nurture relation . Its quite taxing.

Still i love listening to romantic songs and dreaming …


Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.

-Bob Marley


French toast n Bulls Eye

Been reading a lot about keto lately. Well yes, the fact that I can literally swim on butter and meat is very heart warming. So I’ve literally gone back and tried the only full-on butter meal I know. Semi burnt toast with eggs on butter…

This is something my x-hubby loved to eat (no idea why …. and being keto wasn’t one of them) . Regardless, it took me two days to find some me-time and indulge on some semi-burnt crispy toast with Bulls Eye . My intuition had me cooking a bit more toast. And when I got to have my beauty breakfast I was literally robbed and left with 3 slices of toast. This robbery happens every single time I try making something exclusively for me, so I usually end up making a bit more than required (based on the years of being robbed .. .. ..)

So this is how my personal heaven looked like .. 



There is something warm about how everyone comes in to take a bite of something I’ve prepared. It’s a hate-love thing. I hate it because I’m never going to eat myself sick but I love it when i see them go “yumm…. can i have more?”

I was stacking up these beauties in a plate when Paru comes in

Paru : Is that toast ?? Can i have one ??

Me : Take it to the room, we’ll pitch in. I’ve made extra’s.

Dad : What is this ? (Bites on the toast…the buttery toast) This is good. (more bites)

Me : Dad, let me make it a sandwich. (within me its Diwali. My dad always has this less butter – less oil approach and it was shocking to see my dad enjoying my over buttered burnt offerings… like a good girl, I just make him a quick sandwich. Plus he never-ever gives off compliments this easy ) 

Sid : Hi.. what is this ?? (takes a toast, bites and says) wow !! yummy !! tasty !! and runs off to call his favorite playmate, my little sis, Chakkara.. Chakkara, had an upset tummy so tells me to fix her the same after she reconciled with her tummy .

I go to my mom, to invite her to the little feast. My dad, munching through the sandwich, tells mom “this is nice, why don’t you try?”. This is when I enter and my mom gives me her “i-know-what-you-did-last-summer” look. I ask her sheepishly, can I fix you one? And she says “later”. 

So finally, I go to my plate and this is what is left behind. Sid has a habit of eating a bit more than usual when everyone eats from the same plate. This is something we usually don’t do much. So maybe he considers this some kind of special day. So finally, Paru, Sid and me dig-in …

Yummy food … happy tummy .. happy Neethu !!

A day well spend !!

PS:: During lunch time, my dad get’s to know about his “buttery” sandwich. I didn’t look at him because I know that could set off the alarms, and I was not yet ready to ruin my day!! Since the amused look on my mom’s and siblings face didn’t change, i guess dad just let it go, for now at least … phew ! that was a close call …


Planning … plotting … and lots of heartbreaks

Finally, i’m having to revamp my planning , plotting so that there is minimal heartbreaks …. Maybe, i need to stop fighting and just allow myself to relax and follow the trails … its not easy, but let’s see…

PS: every time, i think of something I’m not supposed to I’m going to try some sit-ups or squats …